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It’s Been Quiet!

It’s been quiet on the blogging front over the last few weeks. I haven’t disappeared, as you’re reading this, I can confirm I am alive and kicking! Maybe not punching though, as I‘ve spent Friday afternoon at the hospital having my shoulder X-Rayed. Unfortunately nothing exciting, I just tripped on the stairs, bashed my arm to break the fall and jolted my shoulder. This was maybe 3 weeks ago and its been getting progressively worse. The good news is it isn’t broken, so now looks like a good round of physio.

Most of my blogs are written through my experiences with tech, and over the past few weeks its been pretty routine which hasn’t particularly inspired me to write, plus I‘ve attempted, badly I may add, to take a break this week. In fact it turned out to be an afternoon, but an enjoyable one at that, which included a trip to the Apple Store for some needed indulgence. A new Milanese Loop watch band, I’d had a third party version which had developed a sharp edge, possibly one of the loops breaking, so I decided to treat myself to a genuine Apple band. I recently purchased one of the Sport Loop bands to accompany the dark green silicon band which I chose when purchasing the watch. I‘ve tried numerous third party bands but seeing how my wife’s sensitive skin has reacted to them decided I’d stick with the genuine article, no matter how much is said about them being overpriced I find the quality to be superior and long lasting, I suppose its just piece of mind.

I‘ve never been in to Podcasts, not for any particular reason, just an area I’d never explored, until recently!

I‘ve read PC Pro magazine for many years and knew they offered a weekly Podcast So thought I’d give it a try. We listen to the news a lot in our house, and I find it easier to digest than reading, so to hear discussions on tech was a revelation for me. As an Apple fan I also found a number of podcasts discussing the ins & outs of the Apple universe on a weekly basis, my favourite coming from Apple Insider and Stephen Robles who I’ve communicated with over Twitter, his voice features a soothing tone, and his guests are always interesting. He introduced me to Matthew Cassineli, a master of the Apple Shortcuts system, where I’ve joined his membership to learn more. And I’m now listening to Stephen’s second Podcast all about Apple HomeKit. For those that know me I have a love for home automation and its great to digest more info.

When I left school, all those many years ago, I headed to college to study media. I had an interest in radio, unfortunately it didn’t work out for me, and years later the tech bug bit me and took a strong hold, so while I’ve enjoyed the last few months of podcast listening I’ve decided to give this a go myself. I guess its a cross over of radio & tech, and I’m just dying to chat all about it and share it with the world. When I get there I’ll let you know all about it, and perhaps I’ll get the chance to chat with Stephen?

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