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Services for your Business.

Small business tech support.

Whether you're self employed or are part of a small team, our solutions are powered by the cloud to keep you secure & connected, in or out of the office.

Email, Document Storage, Back-up, Collaboration and Payment Solutions combined with our Remote Support options ensure your business is always connected & ready!

If you deal with your clients data then this is all the more important, ensuring that their details remain secure on your systems. 

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Remote Support
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Remote Support.

When you've an IT disaster in your business, it's likely you'll want or need to work fast to resolve it. We provide remote support to small businesses and business owners. We'll connect to your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone for realtime support with Splashtop SOS!

And our unattended remote support plans offer assistance when you can't be in front of your PC or Mac. For Business & Home use.

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Passwords tend to be weak & insecure and for businesses this is a risk from a data protection perspective. Let us guide you to a more secure system with complex passwords, a password manager and 2 Factor Authentication, making security...well - secure, and far easier to manage, giving you more time to enjoy work or play, and less time worrying.

We can also provide the best rated Internet Security packages at the best possible prices. Keeping your systems protected and free from Viruses and Malware.


Repairs and Upgrades.

We undertake repairs to PCs and other hardware. We also upgrade RAM and SSD drives. Or, if you're upgrading your small businesses equipment, we can help recommend the best equipment for you, supply and install it. 


We believe in trying to fix and enhance existing equipment to reduce the high turnover of technology. The fix to a slow computer is rarely to buy a new one.


We'll match you to the perfect device!

Desktop • Laptop • Mobile

Image of iphone and ipad. Simple PC provide remote support for such devices.
iMac 2021 IT support in Nottingham
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