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A New Start to 2023

It’s been quite a long time since I added a post to my blog, over 8 months. Writing is something I enjoy doing, but there are times when writers block kicks in and I just can’t convey the words built up inside, and then the rest of the time when I’m just too busy to sit and think.

Each new year I half heartedly come up with a resolution that either never materialises or fails soon after its conception. But this year, that changed!

I like to think of myself as young, and in mind I certainly am, but although at 45 I maybe considered a spring chicken, in my prime? I certainly don’t feel it.

In 2020 I sat on my backside and enjoyed the lockdowns. In 2021 I realised I hadn’t been getting those walks which Boris told me I needed to do, so I remembered the joy of spinning I’d experienced at the gym years before and purchased a bike, subscribed to Apple Fitness and launched full throttle in to feeling fit & healthy. It worked, I showed dedication to my regime, I chatted with Greg the trainer over social media and his motivation felt more personal to me.

Two events changed all that good in 2021, first my wife Angela returned to the office, it had been over a year at home together, the push for normality to return was difficult for me, it took a good amount of time to feel good again. Maybe the fact that normality hadn’t returned, the lack of holidays and travel, restrictions still in place, masks to wear, jabs to gets etc etc.

The second was a shoulder injury, I’d love to tell you I was attempting double backflips on my BMX or riding a ferocious bull, but in honesty I tripped on the stairs and the pain that followed was more ferocious than the bull!

I took the manly approach and waited a few weeks to see if it righted itself, and then went on my merry way through the torturous journey of NHS recovery. Please don’t take this as a doom rant of the NHS, they work extremely hard and do amazing things, but when it comes to physio, a multitude of people told me to seek a private route, I endured it for a year with no results and inevitably via a great recommendation, started a journey of recovery with massage & physio. Throughout 2022 the bike lay silent gathering dust, maybe coming out once or twice but with little motivation it stood waiting.

My shoulder continues to improve, and my love for indoor cycling has returned, a resolution I don’t intend shelving. And with that a new reflection on life & living, and the biggest change I’ve made in the last 16 years, no don’t worry, I’m not retiring. I have reduced my work days to Monday - Thursday, whilst Friday will be for writing & reflection.

My experiences & frustrations, the highs & lows, the joy & fun with with tech & tech friends. And of course my love of Home Automation, the amount of times I hear the phrase “a home of the future”, when in reality its here, right now, take a step inside my world and find out what’s possible.

My readership may only reach a tiny corner of the world, but if it brings an interest to some and joy to me, then life can only get better.

So, I’m sorry this hasn’t been tech related, but I’ve got a whole load of that spinning round in my head just waiting to get out, and it’ll be hitting these pages very very soon…….

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