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A New Micro PC

Long have we built and promoted the Intel NUC Micro PC, but now with a surge of interest to the Micro PC market, we have finally managed to get our hands on the ASUS PN50 with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Processor.

After waiting for an extraordinary amount of time for the 11th Gen NUC to make a stock appearance (and we're still waiting!) we managed to order the PN50 with the delight of our client who's been patiently waiting for their new machine.

It features the same footprint as the NUC, and around the same height as the NUC's featuring the 2.5" drive bay. RAM Support up to 64GB 3200 MHz (we installed 16GB in a single slot, with a free slot for expansion), and up to 2TB NVMe SSD Drive which our client specified as a storage requirement so we chose our preferred Crucial P5 drive and Crucial RAM.

To the front panel is a USB 3, USB-C, Micro SD card slot and a headphone mini jack along with the power button and status LED light.

To the rear are 2x USB 3 Ports, ethernet, the power connector and three monitor connections, HDMI, Display Port & USB-C which I believe the front USB-C port can also be used for video and effectively creating a four screen setup, however we prefer an UltraWide monitor over using multiple screens.

And Wifi6 & Bluetooth 5 complete the wireless connections. Bluetooth keyboards and Mice are our preferred type to ensure a USB port isn't lost to a dongle. This unit is being supplied with the fantastic Logitech MX Keys Keyboard & MX Anywhere Mouse.

The top of the unit features a matt brushed look.

For multicore processing this unit has a six core processor which champions over the Intel four cores, only the single core speeds of the 11th Gen Intel provide better speeds.

We were extremely pleased with the performance & pricing and look forward to supplying more of these in the future.

Also the PN51 with 4700 & 4800 CPUs are on the horizon.

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