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A Day of Planning

It’s been an extremely busy day, one that was jam packed in the diary and then adding a host of phone calls on the top, both business & family. Sometimes it’s just the way it goes, but a late evening post, a tiny bit of TV and we reset ready to go again tomorrow. That brings its own challenges with early morning furniture deliveries before we can crack on with solving the tech conundrum, not an issue, all in a days work!

So back to some of today’s jobs and we were adding new domains to M365 in preparation for a business rebrand launch 🚀. More on that later in the month.

Then on to a laptop setup, again for a new employee at TalentTech Recruitment in Coventry. Ensuring the device is encrypted, following compliance procedures provides assurance to the client that their data is secured.

Of course we’re happy to provide a security review for your business.

Then on to a late video call to discuss internet provision and Wi-fi solutions for an upcoming house move including the home office. Our planning needs to limit downtime so our client is ready to continue work with a solid connection and the best deal for their music streaming and evening entertainment. We have a plan, now we need to execute it with precision, but that’s what we do best.

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