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Finding an Android tablet

We were asked over the weekend about a tablet to replace a laptop. As we are fans of the Apple eco system, not a problem! But then the client said one to match her Samsung phone.

So the search began. And I think we’ve come up with two great choices, let me know your thoughts?

Both tablets feature a £100 discount, either applied at checkout or via cash back redemption.

The first is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. This comes with a stylus pen but the keyboard is an optional extra Which can be bundled with a 50% discount. The model we chose was the 11” Wi-fi, with 128GB storage featuring Android 10 OS. Available from John Lewis for £619 with a 3 year warranty included. The bronze colour option would sway us towards this model.

Our second choice is the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro direct from Lenovo with the deal bundling the keyboard & stylus for £499. Both the Lenovo & Samsung feature 6GB RAM with 128GB storage & Android 10 OS.

Looking at a choice of tablets in the £300 range appeared to be slightly older 2019 models with Android 9 OS. Knowing manufacturers don’t have a great track record of updating Android consistently to the latest version I believe our two choices represent a good choice at the right price.

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